“The Resistance” by Muse

Muse is known for their powerful, loud and heavy approach to music. And being cheesy. The Resistance simmers down their wildness a tad, which may be a disappointment to some fans. The easiest way for me to describe the album would be to call it a cheesy synth space arena rock opera. But Tommy this isn’t. The power and roughness from Muse’s Absolution era is almost completely absent. In place of fuzzy stadium rock The Resistance frequently relies on a classical piano sound to carry a lot of the emotional weight.

Part love songs, part half baked politics, and part comically tragic falsetto. The final 3 tracks, called the Exogenesis Symphony, takes all of the elements Muse scattered throughout the first 8 tracks and melts them together into a beautiful and strong concentrate. If the album had followed the formula from that 3 part track, it may have been a lot better. As it stands, The Resistance is Muse’s most theatrical album yet, but it leaves a lot to be desired.

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