“The Blueprint 3” by Jay-Z

When a big name in hip hop like Jay-Z brings a trilogy of albums to a close, you know people are going to have some massive expectations. Unfortunately, The Blueprint 3 doesn’t really feel like the final chapter of a trilogy of albums. The album starts off with songs that sound like a wave goodbye, a long goodbye that takes 5 songs to get through. At first it may not make sense that Jay-Z is already closing the curtains from the get go. But, as you progress into the rest of the album you begin to wonder if perhaps his subconscious was trying to warn him about the bloat of the remainder of the tracks.

Bland and sterile production removes any thud or thunder from the songs, which I feel is a disservice to even the few songs that managed to come out OK. The Blueprint 3 pales in comparison to the first two albums, and there has certainly been better material released this year. If anything, fans of the hip hop scene can take delight in the irony of the song “Death of Autotune” and the fact that Kanye West has production credits on a good chunk of the album. There may be some fans who will dig these new beats, but a lot of people may have a hard time taking the diluted, flat approach in stride.

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