Putting the “Gory” into “Inglourious Basterds”

As an American, one of my favorite past-times is killin’ Nazis. We’ve been doing it in video games for years, but it has grown so stale. So what better way to put the spark back into Nazi killin’, than to rewrite history like a demented Major Payne style bedtime story farce? Inglourious Basterds does just that with a wink in its eye and a cheeky, blood soaked thumbs up. For Tarantino fans, this is the movie that they have been waiting for all summer.

For the rest of you, this equates to (in)glorious violence, larger than life characters, unforgettable dialog and tons of Tarantino’s trademark cheese. Brad Pitt’s “Killin Natzis” character is just the tip of the iceberg in a cast who all perform their roles with perfection. The plot may not be clear at first, but it all comes together in the end and the payoff is well worth it. With the use of more dialog than one-liners and violence, some untrained eyes may feel Tarantino’s lost his touch. But only a fool would not realize that he’s got a childish grin on his face as he’s directing the few scenes of pure wanton violence. Put the history books away and forget how World War 2 happened. I think you’ll prefer this way instead.

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