“The End is Near” by The Fiery Furnaces

The Fiery Furnaces are known for their intense, multilayered electronic psychedelic blues rock freakouts. Their songs are long, pull instrumental 180’s on the listener, and tell some of the most wicked stories. There have been novels shorter than the lyrical content of just one Fiery Furnace song. They’ve been labeled as inaccessible due to their eccentric nature, their live shows being even more of a test of patience for some listeners. It takes a certain pair of ears to enjoy the madness of the Friedberger siblings.

Next month, their newest full-length album I’m Going Away is going to be out. As a preview, the Fiery Furnaces have released a 12″ record titled The End is Near, containing 4 songs, 3 of which are on the new album in some form and the last is a track exclusive to this teaser record. “The End is Near” is straight from the new album. This track is the most minimal, accessible track that the Furnaces have put out since their debut Gallowsbird’s Bark. A mournful bass and piano shed a tint of gloom into your ears as the Friedbergers approach the apocalypse ever so nonchalantly. “Lost at Sea” is suppsedly a radio edit of the same track from the final album. The pace for this track is a step up from the downer opening track. This song is a little more busy as well, introducing a more constant drum presence and a guitar wail or two. “Charmaine Champagne” sounds similar to a more standard Fiery Furnaces track, but at a slower tempo (the press release mentions that this version is slower than the final). “Teddy’s on Kent” is the strangest track on the record, having an almost cartoonish piano line cheerfully bounce along with a guitar squawking along as Elanor sings with an extra bite in her voice. This is also one of the only track in which Elanor has used any swearing, to which she uses it with a smile on her face.

The End is Near 12″ is a great taste of what is to come from the Fiery Furnaces. I can’t wait for I’m Going Away to hit next month. If this record is any indication it will be a much more digestible Furnaces album you could show your friends without them thinking their speakers have broken.

Order the 12″ now and listen to the whole record at Thrilljockey’s website!

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  1. MP3 files for sale on Amazon?

    • Unfortunately, not that I could find. Thrilljockey has given MP3 downloads of albums with Vinyl editions, but I couldn’t find any information on such treatment for this EP.

  2. […] I mentioned in my past articles about the band, The Fiery Furnaces have a reputation for long, sprawling stories wrapped up in an intense […]

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