“Embryonic Teaser” by The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips pulled a surprise on their fans by announcing that later this year they would have a double album out titled Embryonic. As an extra surprise, they announced that the upcoming tour would have a special ticket bundle you could purchase from them. This bundle includes: A 3 song teaser from the double album, a set of 3 B-sides to be chosen later, and a bootleg recording of the show you ordered tickets to. The first wave of download codes have been sent out, and some Lips fans have their ears tuned in to the 3 new songs.

The first track in the teaser is titled “Convinced of the Hex”, is drenched in fuzz and wrapped in a hollow shell that Wayne’s distant voice bounces off of as he chants “that’s the difference between us”, among other lines. A twisted electronic chirping bleeps along to the beat of its own drum, while the bassline creates a bridge between the blooping and the rest of the band. The second song is called “The Impulse”. It starts off with a hazy synth, which breezes along as a heavily synthesized voice rambles for a while. It was really hard to hear what the voice was trying to say, especially against the swell of the synth and bass. The final track on the teaser, “Silver Trembling Hands”, is another new direction for the Flaming Lips’ sound. There’s a very familiar feeling to each members’ performance, but the atmosphere is one of the tensest in a song of theirs. The pacing is relentless, with a few breaks for a breath of air.

The teaser for Embryonic is unlike anything we’ve heard from the Lips so far, another step forward in the evolution of their sound from the last few albums. The full album can’t come soon enough.

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