“Spinnerette” by Spinnerette

Brody Dalle was the girl that the guys were afraid of when she was with The Distillers. Her punk attitude had more bite than her bark let on. But that little girl who could frighten the elderly into heart attacks has grown up, is in her second marriage, and matured greatly since her rebellious youth. So has Brody thrown out her Misfits records along with her duct tape wallet now that she’s older?

Spinnerette might come as a bit of a culture shock to fans of The Distillers’ un-distilled punk ethic. Taking a page from her new husband Josh Homme’s musical manual, Brody explores use of electronic sounds and a more laid back pacing than the brutal thrashing of her earlier years. In fact, thanks to producer Alain Johannes’ work, a few songs sound like they could be B-Sides for Queens of the Stone Age. Album opener “Ghetto Love” in particular has a distorted and crunchy quality to the instruments as it chugs along. Tracks “All Babes are Wolves”, “Baptized by Fire” and “The Walking Dead” stand out as the best tracks on the album that keep a brisk pace and don’t drown out Brody’s smokey vocals with a wall of noise. The remainder of the album is too busy and noisy to really get a feel for the cheesy grooves within.

Spinnerette’s debut is not bad, but it fails to make a mark like The Distillers did. The album jumps around trying to reach out to different sounds but each attempt falls short of being anything more than a generic sampler of the genre it wants to be. It almost falls into the same trap that the most recent Eagles of Death Metal album did, by looking at itself in the mirror while giving itself a thumbs up and a congratulatory fist-pump. Brody is a good musician, and I expected more from Spinnerette than what I heard.

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