“Monoliths & Dimensions” by Sunn O)))

Album: Monoliths & Dimensions
Artist: Sunn O)))

Sunn O))) are notorious for being at an extreme end of the black metal spectrum. When you think of drone, you think of Sunn O))). And with good reason, because the duo of Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson have been at it for over 10 years now. While many of their drone peers have strayed away from the genre, Sunn O)))’s name has almost always come up in the same sentence. The sludge of 10 minute long riffs, the sheer noise and feedback loops that could fry equipment as well as brains. It is safe to say that by now, they know what they’re doing for their genre.

Monoliths & Dimensions sees the group using their experimental edge to a much more desirable product. Their past albums have been difficult for many to accept because of the length of songs (it isn’t uncommon for a Sunn O))) song to eclipse 30 minutes long) and the lack of much happening. M & D does not rid of the lengthy tracks, nor the inaccessible wall of noise that will make speakers cry and your parents/neighbors/pets hate you. But in addition to their famous wailing drone, Sunn O))) uses a lot of new sounds that they have never introduced into their formula before. Within, one can find a Vietnamese choir (on “Big Church”), a Conch Shell interlude (on “Aghartha”) and beautiful use of a horn section (on “Alice”).

Yes, this is the same Sunn O))) that your friends have warned you about. There is drone, there is doom and there is a lot of noise. Monoliths & Dimensions contains some of their most accessible tracks (not counting the fantastic Altar collaboration album done with Boris) and certainly their most cinematic. The changes they have done to their sound are some of the most welcome in years. “Alice” in particular is so far from anything the group has done by itself, that if you played it for a diehard Sunn O))) fan he may not even recognize them. And hey, at least they aren’t using the Jackhammer again.

Sunn O))) @ Last.fm

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