“Voice of Saturn” by Zoroaster

Album: Voice of Saturn
Artist: Zoroaster

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to cruise on an asteroid in space, plummeting towards a planet as the atmosphere begins to heat up and burn away your ride? No, I’m not talking about Mass Effect’s downloadable episode “Bring Down the Sky”. I’m talking about Zoroaster’s Voice of Saturn. While it may appear to lumber along at a sludge-like tempo, those aboard the U.S.S. Zoroaster will tell you otherwise. Sizzling guitars burn with a fuzzy radiance, while noises from a nearby satellite bleep and bloop with urgency. Trying in vain to pierce the emptiness of space.

You can’t tell if that screeching is coming from the mechanical object floating by, or the pieces of your celestial transport being ripped apart by a vicious, uncaring force. The titicular song changes things around with a pure ambient soundscape swallowing the listener whole. There are so many unearthly noises emitting from every direction that you are certain of one thing: You might not be making it back home.

Voice of Saturn “ends” with a distorted and wobbly piano and acoustic number. But, it is unclear if you have survived the event or merely saying goodbye in the middle of the beautiful cataclysmic destruction. Fans of Doom, Sludge, and Fuzz rock will enjoy what Zoroaster broadcasts into the deepest pockets of space.

Zoroaster’s Official Myspace

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