“Grey Britain” by Gallows

Album: Grey Britain
Artist: Gallows

Gallows burst into the scene back in 2006 with their phenomenal debut Orchestra of Wolves. They kicked the door down on the punk scene, delivering an album that was skull crushingly brutal and a giant middle finger telling just about anyone and everyone to fuck off. I was taken back by Orchestra from the powerful rush and pure rage expressed throughout. I was excited when I heard that the boys would be releasing a second album, but also worried because they had a huge album to follow up from. May is upon us now, and Grey Britain has washed up on the shore. Will the body be as horrifically mutated into a mangled heap from the ravenous appetite of the wolves?

Well, the marks appear to be from a gang of wolves, but of a much different sort. While the slashes and tears at the flesh are just as precise and damaging as the first album, the areas targeted are much less concentrated. Orchestra of Wolves focused on more personal turmoils, striking at unnamed individuals with vicious intent. Grey Britain is an album that howls about the country in its title. The songs have a much bigger political/geographical edge, pointing the finger of blame at a whole country rather than just one person. The boys are watching their country go to shit, and they’re mad as hell. Their technique of attack has changed as well: Orchestra‘s raw, twangy and frenzied instrumentation has given way to a heavy fuzz and more polished production value. There are a few moments where Grey Britain slows things down and gives itself a more cinematic presentation. You’ll hear rivers lapping against the shore, a sorrowful acoustic guitar number halfway through the album, pigs squealing, and an emotional farewell from a piano that sounds as if it’s drowning.

Grey Britain takes things in a different perspective than Orchestra of Wolves did. The maturity of the material, combined with the musical canvas painted by the band shows that there is just as much anger in Gallows as ever. It’s just distilled with a bit of fear for their country, and they have painted a death-filled picture of the future they are afraid they might be looking at.

Gallows’ Official Myspace.

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