“Crack the Skye” by Mastodon

Album: Crack the Skye
Artist: Mastodon

Mastodon’s latest album is a haunting trip through time and space and displays an evolution of the bands sound. Crack the Skye is drenched in ethereal haze and teeters on the edge of a psychedelic wormhole. The band explores their soundscape, building off of the frantic energy of their previous albums and introducing new elements less earthly. Electronics occasionally add a touch to the otherworldly segments, with blues inspired guitar solos keeping the human element in mind. Vocals are more often clean than harsh and howled, and sometimes even approach a chant like rhythm.

Within the album are plenty of intense moments and the two long, multi-tiered epics The Czar and The Last Baron. The production work can make it difficult to pull apart the various elements but over repeated listens everything becomes much clearer. Between the introspective farewell liftoff opening, the plotline involving a Russian cult and Rasputin, to the 13 minute long finale there is plenty to take in in under an hour. Crack the Skye is a powerful and intense album, far larger than the 50 minute running time would have you believe. This isn’t to say it overstays its welcome, but rather absorbs you into its chaos and doesn’t let go.

Crack the Skye will be available on March 24th.

Mastodon’s Official Site
Mastodon @Myspace

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