“Fist of God” by MSTRKRFT

Album: Fist of God

In 2006, the Canadian dance duo released their debut album The Looks, which combined just the right amount of dance beat with rock fuzz and masterful (or should I say MSTR-ful) production and was an overall treat to the ears. The two members, Jesse F. Keeler and Al-P had both come from different sides of the musical spectrum. Mr. Keeler may be more well known for his role in the heavy dance rock group Death From Above 1979 but also had a solo thrash project called Femme Fatale. Al-P came from a more ambient lounge background under the name girlsareshort. MSTRKRFT has since gone on to do a large number of remixes and tour extensively. After 3 years, they finally have Fist of God completed and ready to tear up the dance floor.

Fist of God never quite achieves the freshness of The Looks, even if it follows a similar formula. Within is a 70s funk and disco tone and feel, but the production of the first album is not present and there are very little subtleties to be found. This album is turned to loud, louder and loudest and it makes the whole experience stale. An upside is the number of guest vocalists, which include N.O.R.E., John Legend, and Ghostface Killah. Each of these guests adds an extra bit of spice to the formula and makes some of the tracks feel less repetitive. But for every track that contains something that stands out, there is a track that will void it out by sounding like a dull Daft Punk leftover. The energy is there, but it goes to waste on some of the less inspired tracks.

There are a handful of decent songs contained within, but the overall sum is not quite as impressive nor as striking as the other songs. Maybe the boys let this one sit out in the sun for too long, because the audio tan sounds old and leathery.

Fist of God will be released on March 17th.

MSTRKRFT Official Site

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