“200 Million Thousand” by The Black Lips

Album: 200 Million Thousand

Artist: The Black Lips

200 Million Thousand, the latest album by The Black Lips, seems more fit as a date for an archeological dig than as a title for the album which steeps its sound in 60’s psychedelia. The lo-fi production adds a layer of crust and crackles to an already sepia tinted soundscape. The almost primal drumwork thumps along as distorted and overdriven guitars buzz and hiss, with simple but catchy basslines coming from off in the distance. The whole experience feels disconnected from reality. For some this will invoke feelings of a drug induced haze, but for those who are not fans of such an old sound it may come off as more of an allergy haze which is far less pleasurable.

The songs themselves give off an air of maturity that is different for the Black Lips, who have written songs in the past like “Everybody Loves a Cocksucker”. Though they aren’t exactly family friendly either – “Trapped in a Basement” tells the story of a person who is held prison in their own home by their father, with implications of abuse. Other songs are upfront about drug use.

200 Million Thousand is a trip to the Stone Ages (or perhaps Stoner Ages is a more appropriate term) of rock music. Influences of Bob Dylan, The Beatles and 13th Floor Elevators can be felt, though the overall attitude of the music feels like Punk. A treat for those looking for a trip, both back in time and “out of mind”.

200 Million Thousand is available now.

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