“Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace” by The Offspring

Album: Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace
Artist: The Offspring

In the 90s a lot of my friends and I were Offspring fans. We enjoyed the fast and frantic energy combined with witty and humorous lyrics. It was a feel that very few other bands were capable of doing. They took aspects of Punk and made it easily digestible for those of us not ready for the hardcore punk scene. As the band got older the music mellowed slightly, much to the dissatisfaction of many fans. The overexposure was also beginning to kill it for me. I think it was after the 5,000,000th time I played Crazy Taxi that I decided I needed a break from them. As a result, their 2003 album Splinter did not cross my ears at all. After hearing about the lukewarm reception that album received I had to wonder if The Offspring had finally hit the breaks and decided that they had to get away because of low self esteem.

Enter “Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace”, a title that is an accurate description for the music contained within. These last few years have been agonizing for Offspring fans, with lead Dexter Holland tossing this album around for two years before finally deciding it was done. As a result, the album feels kind of like “Offspring Concentrate – Just add water!” The production is thick and warm, and has that familiar Offspring sound fans know and love. As the title suggests, there are ups and downs in this album and I don’t mean Ups being good songs and Downs being shitty ones. I mean that there are slower Offspring style ballads as well as the usual speed punk anthems. For example, my favorite track from the album “Stuff is Messed Up” feels like it came straight from the early 90s Offspring albums, speedy and full of dark humor. This track is followed by “Fix You” which is much, much slower and for some the difference may give you whiplash as the track comes to a complete stop.

But again, this is not a bad thing. The music is well written and the lyrics are still your typical Offspring affair. What it all comes down to is your preference. Would you like some diversity in your Offspring tempos? If so, “R&F, R&G” is an outstanding album for Offspring fans. Even fans stuck in the 90s era should give this album a shot, you may find that you like it. “Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace” is due to hit shelves on June 16th, and it was recently announced that the first single from the album “Hammerhead” will be released for the popular video game Rock Band next week as a downloadable track for Xbox 360 and PS3 users.

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