“Fleet Foxes” by Fleet Foxes

Album: Fleet Foxes
Artist: Fleet Foxes

The best way to describe the Fleet Foxes would be to call them a modern day set of Bards. A barbershop quintet with a medieval twist. Their music is simple but wholesome. At first listen the album may seem like only a small portion but once you cut into the shining beauty you will realize that the entree is very layered and filling. The group focuses on one aspect of music that is often not seen as an instrument like a guitar or drums but the part that conveys the message. Fleet Foxes do not think like that, and their harmony is spot on, using their voices together to amplify one another with an angelic tone that seems to reach down like a beam of light in a dark forest.

The album starts off with the song “Sun it Rises”, which has a very Celtic sound to it. The folk influences become apparent as the album progresses, including “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” and “Your Protector”. The song that you really get to hear the group’s vocal power in first is the second track “White Winter Hymnal”, the first song of theirs I heard and the song that instantly drew me to them. The light but slightly tribal drumbeat along with the drifting guitar work compliment the fleet foxes’ voices so well that from the instant the song kicks in you could almost feel yourself going back to another time, where they would be on the dirt streets of an olde european town playing that song to the villagers to give them hope and brighten their day.

The production work is beautiful and really ties the album together. I can’t even begin to imagine how these guys sound live. While the band has been together for a few years, this is their first full length album and quite the impressive one at that. This album will be perfect to compliment the summer months as the heat begins to pile on. The Fleet Foxes will take you to another place where the weather is fine and the air is clean, and the sound soothes your soul.

Fleet Foxes’ page @ Sup Pop Records
Fleet Foxes @ Myspace

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  1. Hi there,

    if you liked the album come to see Fleet Foxes live on my photo story on liveon35mm.com


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