Music Artist Spotlight – 02/27

Eagles of Death Metal

For years, Men owned the rock world. Then ladies showed that they could rock just as hard as the men. But what about rock music for the ladies? That is what The Eagles of Death Metal are all about. These boys concentrate on the Sex part of Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll. Lead by Jesse Hughes and joined by his friends Josh Homme, Dave Catching, Brian ‘Big Hands’ O’Connor, and Gene Trautmann, the group consists of some big names in the Palm Desert music scene. They a low production, sleaze rock sound with a southern rock guitar twang to create their sound. Their first album Peace, Love, and Death Metal was released in 2004 after a short recording period. This was a quick hit with Queens of the Stone Age fans and the Eagles enjoyed early success.When their 2006 album Death By Sexy was released, the boys were thrust into stardom. Their songs from both albums were used in commercials for high profile products such as Microsoft Zune. The music video for “I want you so hard” featured Jack Black, who also took part in the album Death By Sexy. The band tours all around the US and Europe, and have developed a cult following of fans. They are especially good to the ladies. They were due to be on tour with Guns n’ Roses, but due to GnR member Axl Rose kicked them off because the audience did not like them. This, however, is due to the fact that Eagles of Death Metal are a much different band than Guns n’ Roses and was a mismatch for touring together. The Eagles brushed it off and have continued rocking since then. The group has a new album titled “Heart On” due in 2008.

Eagles of Death Metal Official Site

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