Music Artist Spotlight – 02/25

ZZ Top

Some bands you just can’t keep together, falling apart and dropping/losing members left and right while hiring new talent. Then there’s ZZ Top. That little ol’ band from Texas has been together since 1969 with the same 3 members, and that’s a matter of fact. Billy Gibbons on Guitar, Dusty Hill on Bass, and Frank Beard on drums. And that’s all there is to it. These boys have come from the desert to rock your world. With the unmistakable blues tone that Gibbons achieves (some say his secret is that he plays with a Peso rather than a pick), the whiskey soaked bass lines of Dusty’s and Frank’s drums that echo along the sandy valley, the boys have got a sound all their own. And one that drives the ladies wild.ZZ Top can be instantly recognized in public for their trademark beards. Ironically, Frank Beard is the only member of the three to not sport a beard. They were once offered $1 million per person if they were to shave their beards for a commercial. They said they deemed themselves “Too ugly without ’em.” Gibbons is known as an avid fan of custom cars. In 2007, they were given the VH1 Rock Honor award and the canadian band Nickleback paid tribute to them. Gibbons enjoys going to other concerts and listening to new music. He has also collaborated with Nickleback and Queens of the Stone Age, among other artists. They were also inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame in 2004.

The group has many hit songs such as “La Grange”, “Sharp Dressed Man”, and “Gimme all your Lovin”, just to name a few. The band tours almost nonstop these days and has mentioned that a new album is in the making. In 2006, the group said farewell to their old record producer Bill Ham. This leaves what sound the new album will have up for grabs. Their last release was their 2003 release Mescalero. Make no mistake about it, these boys are beer drinkers and hell raisers, and they still know how to get the ladies going. You best watch out for these boys when they come driftin into town.

ZZ Top Official Website
ZZTop Official Myspace

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