Music Artist Spotlight – 02/22

The Melvins

Slow, loud, and proud. So goes the sounds of The Melvins. Not concerned with time, The Melvins sludge through chords and drip lyrics down like a leaky faucet. This stuff is heavy, with a wall of sound approach to the production that never lets you forget who you’re listening to. The Melvins were formed in the 80s by guitarist Buzz Osborne on guitar, Mike Dillard on drums, and Matt Lukin on bass. To this day, Buzz (aka ‘King Buzzo’) is the only member of the band to remain constant. The band has released 22 albums to date.

The Melvins are known for their unique style and sense of humor, evidenced by their online store which has featured such products as a Melvins Fetus, and canned Melvins meat. The Melvins are also known as one of the bands that worked with Kurt Kobain, and it was their friendship which lead to Dave Grohl’s job as Nirvana’s drummer. Kurt also produced their 1993 album Houdini. The Melvins even had child star Shirley Temple’s daughter, Lori Black, as their bassist for a while.

The Melvins are a rough listen at first, but the mesmerizing drone of Buzz’s guitar work and the frantic but often slow arrangements are what often draws people into the grasp of the Melvins and doesn’t let go. All hail King Buzzo!

The Melvins Official Website
The Melvins Official Myspace

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