Music Artist Spotlight – 02/20


From awkward teenage confusion anthems like “Creep” to songs about solitary confinement like “How to Disappear Completely (and never be found again)”, Radiohead earns their stripes by getting in touch with the side of us that is pure emotion. Starting off as a grunge style rock group during their first two albums, Radiohead took a turn for the more electric inspired ambient feel for the remainder of their discography thus far. Rich soundscapes of sorrow and hope provide the stage for the group to broadcast their message of humanity. Lead by singer/multi-instrumentalist Thom Yorke’s voice, which can range from a higher pitched warning siren, to a slightly lower tone, feeling like a blanket of warmth. His voice tells you that he has been there before, he understands your pain, and this song is for you.

Brothers Colin and Johnny Greenwood provide bass and guitar while Phil Selway and Ed O’Brien fill out the rest of the roster. To this date, Radiohead has put out 7 studio albums. Their latest effort, In Rainbows, was subject to a new form of music distribution. Radiohead announced that In Rainbows was going to be a ‘name your price’ album, where when you got to the website you were given the choice of how much you wanted to pay (and you could put anything as your price, even $0) and then you were emailed a link to download the album. The album was initially distributed as 160kb/sec MP3 files, much to the chagrin of some of their fans who were hoping for higher quality. It was later revealed that a box set, two vinyl records and 2 CDs, would become available for $80 later on. Since then, they have released In Rainbows’ first CD to stores. Other artists such as Nine Inch Nails and Saul Williams have shown interest in this form of distribution, which benefits the artist the most and cuts out the middle man. In Rainbows provides a good sampling of the different sides of Radiohead, some songs being mellow, while others being more upbeat in sound but the message of solitude is just the same.

Feeling blue? Feel like being alone but also want that bit of company to make yourself feel like you are still on the planet? Radiohead will keep you company. The flood of emotions you feel are natural, and their music will help to amplify your feelings, moving you along in the healing process.

Radiohead Official Website
Radiohead Official Myspace

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