Music Artist Spotlight – 02/17

David Bowie

Outer Space is a mystery to us all, even the top scientists in the field marvel at the sheer vastness of it. And how appropriate, one of the top men in the Space Rock field has a career as vast and impressive as the backdrop for his musical adventures. David Bowie, born David Jones on January 8th, 1947, pioneered putting rock in space, and space into rock. Bowie has released 28 solo albums and has collaborated and performed with other artists such as Iggy Pop and Trent Reznor. Throughout the massive amount of albums he has put out he has explored many different genres of music ranging from your typical rock, to more Funk and Industrial, all the way to Neoclassical. Oh, and let’s not forget the central theme of his works, serving as both the backdrop for the story as well as the story itself: Outer Space. Bowie is also known for his stage theatrics, creating personas for various albums (Aladdin Sane, Ziggy Stardust, ect…) and dressing himself as them while performing live. He was even known to cross dress from time to time, which only helped add to the air of mystique to the real David Bowie.

Bowie has also had an impressive acting career. From such cult films like The man who Fell to Earth to the Jim Henson directed film Labyrinth, Bowie has shown a knack for acting. More recently he has starred in The Prestige as inventor Nikola Tesla, and in the Spongebob movie Atlantis Squarepantis as the King of Atlantis. Bowie has stated that he and his daughter watch Spongebob together.

Bowie has changed the face of Rock music with his unique style and stage manner. Bowie’s music may stretch to the edges of space and beyond but his music never lets us forget the human element, the part that makes space so mystical. And perhaps his music shall echo in the vacuum of space, hitting the radio of Major Tom, who is floating out there, somewhere. Godspeed, Major Tom.

David Bowie’s official Website

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